Changing communities,              
changing lives.

Kezia Montemayor, Treasurer and Director

Kezia believes in the benefits of early literacy, having learned to read and write bilingually before she started going to school. Raised in a family and society that emphasizes the importance of education, it saddens her to know that there are several children in the world who grew up without learning to read or getting some form of education.

The lack of learning opportunities for less fortunate people is something she wishes to correct, little by little, and so she joined a few clubs and activities where she helped teach less fortunate children. Aside from volunteering in literacy projects, Kezia signed up for a few college organizations that ingrained a passion for helping people not just with reading or writing, but also with making their lives a little bit brighter.

Kezia earned her bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems from the Ateneo de Manila University in 2009 and joined the BrillKids team shortly after graduating. Since then she has been managing content development for BrillKids Learning Systems and helping out BrillKids community members, partners and EEECF beneficiaries from setting up their software to troubleshooting and fixing any technical issues along the way.