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Scholarship Programs for Charitable Institutions

We are committed to helping charitable, social and educational institutions anywhere in the world that work towards the welfare of children, such as orphanages, homeless shelters for children, organizations serving children with special needs or those from low income families, and other social service organizations serving the needs of children.

We are happy to grant scholarships which provide BrillKids products such as Little Reader free of charge to such charitable institutions to the extent required by the institution.

As the resources of the Early Education for Every Child Foundation increases, we also intend to sponsor the supply of required hardware and software systems such as computers and underlying operating systems to enable the BrillKids software to be used.

Scholarship Grant Application

For Charitable Foundations, NGOs, Community Service Centers and Educational Institutions

1. Are you already familiar with BrillKids Learning Systems?*


If your answer is no, please visit the BrillKids website at and download the Free Trial for Little Reader, Little Math and Little Musician.
This will give you an idea of what the systems are capable of doing, and it will illustrate how BrillKids programs can work for your organization. Please return to this form once you have used the trial.

2. Name of Organization

Kindly provide your name in your local language along with a literal English Translation, when applicable.

Name of Organization in Local Language

Name of Organization in English *

3. Contact and Reference Information

Name of the Chief Officer (in English) *

Name of Chief Officer (in Local Language)

Designation (Title) in Organization *

Complete Address of Headquarters *

Country *

First Name of Applicant *

Last Name of Applicant *

Designation (Title) in Organization *

Email Address *

Phone Number *

Fax Number *

Documents Submitted








Please provide a scanned copy of your registration certificate and/or two letters from members of local community (if possible).
We can only accept files with an English filename and in .pdf, .doc, .jpg, .png format.

4. Status of Organization *

Educational Institution
Charity Organization
Governmental Organization
Religious Organization

5. Brief Explanation of Your Mission and Goals

6. Geographical Area Served

Country *

State(s) or Province(s) served

7. Population Served *

Families of Children with Special Needs
Single-Parent Families
Low Income Families
Immigrants, Refugees, Infants and Toddlers from Local Community

8. About the Children Impacted By Your Program *

How Many Classrooms (if any)

How Many Children Per Classroom

How Many Children Will Use BrillKids Programs

Age Range of Children

9. Have you been using any early learning methods in your work with your target population? *


If Yes, which ones?

10. What current technology-based learning programs are being implemented in your program, if any?

11. Number of computers that you plan to use for teaching kids with BrillKids Learning Systems *

Number of Computers

12. Do you charge for your organization/institution's services? *


13. Describe the socio-economic status of the children in your program *

No. of children on free/reduced lunch programs

What are the methods of screening used to determine eligibility to participate in your program?

14. Do you agree to provide occasional updates of the children in your program using BrillKids programs? *

This may include testimonials from teachers, parents or caregivers, pictures of children using the software, or video footage demonstration reading progress for the purposes of sharing on the website.