Changing communities,              
changing lives.

Join the EEECF as a Volunteer

As a volunteer, we would like to ask you to go around your community, looking for charitable organizations, orphanages, individual families with limited means who may be able to benefit from our learning systems.

Depending on your capability and background, we will call on you to help us reach out people within your immediate area.


How to qualify as a volunteer:

Relevant experience helps of course, but it's not necessary as long as you are willing to learn! However, volunteers must:

  • Have experience using Little Reader.

  • Have excellent communication skills.

  • Respect the privacy of sensitive information.

  • Represent the EEECF positively and professionally at all times.

  • Sincerely desire to help others and be motivated to jump right in!

What's in it for you:

This is an unpaid volunteer position, but some of the perks for dedicated, long-term volunteers are entitled to:

  • Printable EEECF Volunteer business cards

  • An official "EEECF Volunteer" Forum badge in your signature

  • Access to the exclusive EEECF Volunteer board on the website

  • The honor and privilege of helping change the lives of children through early literacy!


Apply to be an EEECF Volunteer

Responses don't need to need to be long, just a sentence or two would suffice! 

1. Are you already familiar with BrillKids Learning Systems?*


If your answer is no, please visit the BrillKids website at and download the Free Trial for Little Reader, Little Math and Little Musician.
This will give you an idea of what the systems are capable of doing, and it will illustrate how BrillKids programs can work for organizations and individual families. Please return to this form once you have used the trial.

2. Contact and Reference Information

First Name of Applicant *

Last Name of Applicant *

Complete Address *

Country *

Email Address *

Phone Number *

Fax Number *

Blog or Website

Skype ID

3. About your experience with BrillKids Progams *

How long have you been using BrillKids programs?

Has BrillKids programs benefitted your own child?

Tell us more about your background and any relevant previous work/education experience.

What languages do you speak and at what level? (beginner, conversational, or 100% fluent in reading, writing, speaking, and translating).

4. How involved would you like to be? *

Casual Contributor
        I plan to refer groups/individuals to EEECF when I can, at least 1-3 times per month
Regularly Involved
        I plan to refer groups/individuals to EEECF 2-5 times or more per month, AND guide them through the grant process start to finish
Totally Committed
        All that and more!