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KL Wong, Chairman of the Board

As founder and CEO of BrillKids Inc., KL still considers being a father to his daughter Felicity to be his most important and challenging job. However, becoming a father is precisely what inspired the launch of this site. Through his adventures of being a busy father, KL turned to other internet sites, books, and seminars for tips and advice on how to maximize his baby's intelligence.

Recognizing the importance of the wealth of information he amassed, he realized that in sharing them, he could be making the lives of thousands of parents around the world much easier – which is exactly what he did by creating Taking his mission a step further, he created an online community of parents and teachers, specifically catering to the niche of early childhood education, effectively spreading the word about the importance of teaching babies.

KL Wong is the father of Felicity, aged 5, and can be contacted directly at KL(at)brillkids(dot)com.