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Ket Wangi Orphanage and Learning Center, Kenya

Written by Emily Odera, Founder of Ket Wangi Orphanage and Learning Center (Update 1)

BrillKids early child education kit has brought an improvement in our academic standard in English and Math. The children have adopted the curriculum so well that they even recite their lessons while playing. We have introduced it to the Nursery school and Primary 1, 2, 3, and 4. Children like learning with fun. They feel encouraged as they watch other children read at an early age i.e. Felicity and others. Ketwangi children are total orphans and they are really in need of love for them to learn and adopt the Education system. BrillKids curriculum is creating this environment to them. Ketwangi is still at grass root and still we do not have enough facilities to teach these children. This is a self help project and we are still in need in other departments.

I appreciate so much the BrillKids kit. I wish they could send us more kits so that we could absorb all our children in the class. We have a total of 77 children and 36 live in the home as we lost one to HIV/AIDS THIS YEAR.




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BrillKids is also a teacher to us. The children are in a Rota time-table and it takes long before they are back in the class, so the time delays learning with Brillkids. I am teaching these children in my living room at Ketwangi. All the learning is done within the house.

We only have one unfinished classroom which was done by the UK VOLUNTEERS early last year. Every morning we change the sleeping rooms into classes. These are the children who were neglected by relatives after their parents' death.

We appreciate so much the BrillKids Foundation for discovering us in this rural part of Kenya. I know this system will create light to this Learning Center. We use the Brillkids books as story books in the class rooms. It teaches the children to read well and they are fun. I wish we had more books which could be shared by other children too.

Thank you so much. I appreciate Natalie and Lappy for their patience with me. Find us in

Written by Emily Odera, Founder of Ket Wangi Orphanage and Learning Center (Update 2)

I am passing my vote of thank you to Brillkids Foundation.

Ket Wangi Orphans have really improved their standard of learning in English, Music, Science, Geograpphy, Mathmatics and ARTS.I have seen what I call learning at ease. The Nursery school is enjoying learning that they do not even want to break for their breaks. Music is fantastic. These are the children whom some were slow learners. Learning is now fun with your art. Thank you so much and may God bless you abundantly.




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Ket Wangi Orphanage and Learning Center

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