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Rise Above Foundation Cebu, Philippines

The EEECF is also working with an NGO in the Philippines to help care for children from underprivileged families. Most of the parents of these children come from very poor backgrounds and are unable to find work.

For about 1 1⁄2 years now, Rise Above Foundation - Cebu, along with interns from Denmark, are caring for these young children, providing them lessons to prepare them for elementary school.

Throughout the time the children have been using the BrillKids programs, their English has improved steadily, and it is the highlight of their day to learn this way.

We want to share with you our triumph in helping these children grow into such happy and well-functioning individuals; these kids now love learning, enjoy their time at the daycare. Rise Above - Cebu, together with the EEECF and BrillKids – are giving them a new gift for life.

Family Care Center

Combined daycare and livelihood center in Cebu

Written by Elisabet Hansen

It has long been our dream to open a center to support underprivileged families in Cebu City. "The Family Care Center" officially opened on the 26th of July 2009 and is currently operating as a daycare center as well as a training and livelihood center for the mothers, so we maintain close contact with the parents, and the mothers often volunteer as cooks and they also help to keep the center clean and tidy.

15 children come to the center each day from 8:30am-4.00pm. The children and their families are among the poorest in Cebu. By placing the children in a safe environment, the mothers have the possibility of getting work and thus they're able to help support their families. Since the children are living in the city's slum areas, good hygiene is a priority at the Center. Each child gets a shower and clean clothes every day. They learn to brush their teeth and wash their hands, which helps to keep them healthy.

Healthy and nutritious food and milk is served at the Center each day. The Center provides a safe and clean environment for the children, which is in stark contrast to the condition of their homes. To ensure the children's future, we seek sponsors for each child. (See Sponsor Education). Any help that you are able to give to the Center, the children or their families is received with gratitude.

Here at the Rise Above Foundation Cebu, we are so thankful for the EEECF's contribution of the BrillKids programs. Today, through the mail, we received additional installation cd's so now we can get the whole program started.



Initially, we mentioned that we had a certain amount of computers that we can use for the BrillKids program. When it came down to it, they were too old to use. So we were able to ask one of our friends in Canada, if he would sponsor a new computer with a large screen for our Family Care Center, and he gave it to the center as a Christmas gift. We had a Danish carpenter, who was here as a volunteer, build the cupboard for it, so that the computer will be safe.

At the beginning of February, 4 Danish behavioural science students will be stationed at the Family Care Center for 6 months. This is the time we will start using the BrillKids Program. Our preschool teacher has no computer knowledge, and it was just too overwhelming for her to start using the program by herself. I am so excited to see how the children will learn, and I expect that they will learn to both read and speak English soon.

Rise Above Foundation Cebu, Philippines

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